Primate Power® converters and options combine to make well organized and easy to use systems thanks to their 19” rackmount construction and configurable design features.  The units mix and match to fulfill many requirements and then can be assembled into most standard 19” rack frames and cabinets.

There can be multiple frames (up to 48U tall each) tied together to make a very large system.  Primate Power® systems can go to 2.4 MW for a single output.  Nearly any amount of converters can be used in one system that can have many different outputs.  Also, since the units are modular, if there is an option not listed it can usually be made to fit into the system.

As an example, the system depicted uses multiple converters and filter arrangements to achieve a 150 kW system that has a single 3 phase input with a 75 kW simulated grid output, a 300 kW/hr storage battery, a 30 kW solar cell array and a 380 VDC 75 A output.  It is 26U tall which would be only around 4’.  But it fits in a standard 28U rack frame that is 54” tall with a 2U blank allowing room for expansion / add-ons later if needed.