SiC Based

Converters using silicon carbide power devices have improved efficiency and offer a more reliable design due to lower component stresses.


The lower on state voltages and switching losses associated with SiC devices yield a power converter that can operate at higher switching frequencies with lower losses than traditional designs.


The lower losses and higher SOA margins of the SiC devices extend the life and durability of the unit.


Higher switching frequencies lead to smaller more efficient filters.  As efficiency increases cooling requirements are reduced.  This results in a more compact design.

19” Rackmount Enclosure

Primate Power® system’s 19” rackmount enclosure, made from heavy duty aluminum, fits into many standard 19” rack frames and cabinets.


The rackmount converters and options simplify the mix and match approach to building a system.  Units sharing a common frame or cabinet can be combined into a large system with multiple outputs and common DC buses.  Multiple cabinets and / or frames can be combined to make very large systems.


All standard Primate Power® system designs are bi-directional including the DC to DC converters with isolation.  For some applications the system can be configured to prevent regeneration.

Inputs and Outputs

I / O are independently selectable for AC or DC and current or voltage.  They can be used individually, as a multi-phase configuration, or in parallel.   Isolation between input and output converters is also available.

Built-in Display

A display with keypad is on the front panel of the controllers.  It’s used for normal operation and control, and it includes status LEDs.

Control Connectors

All advanced control connectors are also located on the front panel.  There is a DB-37 auxiliary connector that gives the user access to many I / O in order to adapt the unit to different loads and sources.  There is also a DB-9 RS-232 communications connector, and when it is used with the proprietary communications program, it lets the user access advanced modes and data for the unit.

Power Connectors

Both the input and output power connectors are located on the back of the units.  This makes a convenient and safer design.


Each converter has built-in protection for over current and frequency, and for over and under voltage and temperature.  They also have speed regulated fans that follow temperature and power which reduces noise and extends fan life.

Master Controller

This option allows for paralleling up to 8 converters at a time to make systems with ratings up to 2.4 MW.  The master controller also displays information for the converters running in parallel.