Primate Power® systems are rugged, compact, and efficient.  They are versatile easy to use converters that will work for power electronics labs, industrial test stations, and more.  The designs have:

  • SiC based power converters that offer exceptional performance and flexibility 
  • Single converters ranging from 4 kW to 300 kW, and systems scaling up to 2.4 MW
  • Operating ranges of 180 VAC to 750 VAC / 400 VDC to 1100 VDC
  • A controller bandwidth that is improved with PWM frequencies of 50 kHz. Extended PWM frequencies to 100 kHz are available.
  • 19” rackmount enclosures that enable a building block approach
  • Available configurations: input converter optimized for AC or DC sources, DC to DC isolation, output converter can supply AC or DC and current or voltage
  • Bi-directional power flow
  • Modes that control motors, wind turbines, batteries, and solar cells
  • Modes that create frequency changers, micro grids and grid tie systems
  • Built-in display for simple operation, or communications and  auxiliary connectors for advanced remote control operation
  • An auxiliary connector with inputs that include a resolver, encoder, and hall inputs for controlling motors.
  • Hardware inputs to control the outputs directly or use the unit as a power amplifier.
  • Streaming CAN data for data logging
  • Analog monitoring signals for converter currents
  • The ability for the user to download a modified sine table to create harmonics, or to directly control the output waveform
  • PID controls for voltage, frequency, and RPM