AC / DC Power Supply

Versatile regenerative power source for lab use

Grid Simulator

Create micro grids from 4 kW to 2.4 MW

Frequency Changer

0 - 60 Hz in, 0 - 400 Hz out is standard, higher frequencies available


Add a battery and a bypass to create a UPS syste

                                              Server Farm

                                                                Clean reliable continuous 380 VDC

Battery Tester

Fully regenerative, ability to add ripple current

Wind Turbine

Rectifier module or active controller available

Solar Cell

Use single or multiple solar arrays to create micro grids or grid tie


Low distortion output reduces vibration

Portable Power

Feed in variable frequency AC from an alternator or DC from a battery to make stable AC power


Works with induction, BLDC, PMG, and DC designs

PMG / BLDC Controller

Use as a bi-directional controller with very high speed

                                        Power Amplifier

                                                        Can be set up to follow an analog input

Harmonic Generator

Program with customized waveforms