Primate Power® systems work for a wide range of applications.  The building block design lets you make a system with standard configurations or customize options.  This versatility helps OEMs test their products or concepts.  These units are ideal for prototypes in engineering labs of any size or for manufacturing and test stands on the production floor.

The standard converters are based on SiC power devices and have several options available.  Basic operating ranges include low voltage products to 690 VAC / 1200 VDC designs and tri-level converters.  These units can be configured for many applications.

Non-standard options and designs are available for OEMs.  Power converters can be used in harsh environments with a fully sealed design.  Circular military connectors, high vibration resistant construction, and / or liquid cooling can be specified.  Ultralight designs are achievable with silicon carbide semiconductors that achieve great reductions in filter and cooling components.  SiC devices also improve resonant designs with added controllability.  Other converter options include PCB based / open chassis designs.

We can work with your team, which includes your chosen suppliers for motor and PMG designs, to customize a system for you.  We understand OEM needs and can design the electronics to a supplied specification.  Primate Power® systems can be optimized for OEMs.